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Ahmed Jailam 

Bey-  Ahmed Jailam better known as Bey is a lyricist, vocalist, rapper and artist in the Hip Hop label Symbolic Records. Bey had entered into the music scene in 2011 with a recording called ‘Life’. This was when the new wave of English songs had started releasing in the Maldives with groups such as DTroop. Bey is also considered to be one of the main pioneers of Hip Hop in Maldives and had numerous songs and features on the first Hip Hop Album of Maldives, ‘Magumathi’. Other than rapping, Bey is a vocalist and singer and many of his songs to this day are in the top music charts of Maldives. With hits such as ‘Jehifaa Mivaa Mage Haalah’, ‘Hae Hae’ and ‘Ihusaas Thakey Mee’. All of these songs are well known to music listeners in The Maldives and all of these songs combined have amassed more than 500K views on YouTube and contributed to Symbolic Records reaching 5 Million Plays on SoundCloud. Bey has also numerous features on songs of Blueberry Waters such as ‘Ithubaaru’ and ‘Boalha’. And other well known features such as ‘Vaanuvaa’ alongside Rydey and ‘Haiydheri’ with Fatestep. Continuingly, Bey had performed live numerous times before performing on Maldivian Idol S3 Grand Finale alongside Pest and Rydey.

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